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Well its a month on from the release of Zebo so thought I would give a round up of how its gone.

The first thing to remember is that is this is being developed whilst live so a lot has changed since launch a month ago. We was officially accepted into the eBay developers network which opened up a lot of opportunities which was not available before. This is very different to just being an affiliate and allows me deeper access into their data. new zebo home page

The home page has taken a bit of a redesign but more work will be needed to give it a completely profession feel but for the end of month 1 this good enough for now. We have also include products from over 450 stores to help give depth to the product lines we are offering. HobbyCraft, eBuyer etc which offer some great deals for zebo customers. We will be adding even more over the coming weeks.

I have worked a lot of the search results so the its lose enough to always try and return data but tight enough to bring back relevant results. This so far seems to be working well and each improvement has seen a increase in CTR.

Although normally I would not expect such a new site to be doing much in terms of rankings but have been pleasantly surprised just how much google seem to currently like the site. Seeing as decided to try and avoid adding any major content other than what was available elsewhere so producing a site that is as much as we can all duplicate content. I think we can say with some certainty there is no penalty for a site displaying duplicate content.

So now I think is a good time to see just how many pages google have decided to index

So using google search if you search for site:zebo.co.uk  google return the value of
About 174,000 results (0.42 seconds)

So after just 1 month Google have crawled and indexed a minimum of 174,000 pages. Although using the site operator in search is not the most reliable method it does give us a quick indication Google is continuing to find more pages. Looking in search console tells a simular story but a higher rate of indexed pages and currently running at 195,000 however if you look at the graph that shows just 118,000 pages.

Zebo crawled pagesThe truth is most likely the highest figure and it would be really nice if google was consistent with its reporting which would help webmasters when testing out theories. But it appears google know between 118,000 and 195,000 pages on the site.








In order to get this many pages being indexed we needed to make sure all the technicals of the site was good, GTmetrix is currently showing the site as the scores below. Although there are more tweaks to do and I would love to get it to the point of scoring 100% on both stats it is currently in much better shape than a lot of the competition.

GTmetrix score results

All this is all interesting but as we all know none of this is relevant unless it produces traffic.
Across the 118,000 – 194,000 indexed pages google are reporting the average position is running at 17.7. with 201 of on the first page of google. Not too bad for the first month.

I have decided not to show traffic levels at this movement in time but I think its enough to say that we are seeing quite huge improvements in traffic volumes week on week, and this is directly related to the amount of pages indexed.


Zebo is a experimental joint website produced by Chris Chedgzoy and Thomas Harvey 

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