Zebo.co.uk release

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Zebo - easy shopping

I have just launched a beta version of a new project, Zebo is a bit of a experiment to see if its possible to rank a website with little or no original content. I am taking feeds from many online retailers to see if this is possible.

Within 24 hours of launch it was a pleasant ┬ásurprise to see google crawling the site like mad, before the day was out google had also updated its index with over 200 URL’s which to be honest I was a little shocked by the speed this happened.

Time will tell if these pages will rank for anything meaningful but I will start tracking the SERPS now to see what happens.

The beta version is only using eBay as a data feed but a lot more feeds are planned so very soon I will also be able to start doing price comparisons.

Zebo screen example

This is a joint project between myself and Thomas Harvey, a SEO consultant who has vast experience of ranking large scale ecommerce sites.

Zebo – the easy way to shop