Shopping channels revisited to create a platform


Shopping channels

Well its testing time again and back to looking at shopping channels. Always looking at ways you can use affiliate links and earn some pocket money. Zebo while it going went little scary how it grew so fast in such a short period of time. It was on target to reach 1 million users in its first year until google decided to release the infamous Fred update. This update was targeted directly at sites that contained little more than affiliate links so did not add much value to the content. This is fair enough I guess as you could say the site was of low quality except it did offer users a choice of vendors for the product they where searching for.

Although Google decided to downgrade Zebo it has not banned it completely and it still ranks for a lot of long tail keywords so although the 1 million users is now a long way off it does generate a bit of pocket money so it’s just going to sit and run itself. If you want to read the last update I did regarding Zebo you can read about it here 

This got me thinking, even though the site is not going to be huge as it looked it could have been it could be replicated, there is no reason why if you ran 100 x Zebo  type sites the revenue could grow to be quite interesting.

So I set about a new project using a lot of techniques I had learnt from that project but this time wrote a platform I guess you could compare to WordPress. The platform is still under development but soon will be template driven enabling you to launch a brand new site with its own branding colour schemes etc so even though 2 sites maybe using the same platform they will look and feel like a bespoke system.

I have currently put a test site live which I am using to test out ideas which can be viewed at here Currently its quite basic and as I type google have not started to index it. It will be interesting once it does to monitor its growth. To be honest providing it covers the domain name charges over a year then it becomes a numbers game. is just a general shopping channel site, but it could also be narrowed down into niche vertical markets so a site could be for just beauty products or sports wear. So replicating it into vertical shopping channels should be easy.

I have deliberately not connected the site to any google products so that if I do decide to start mass replication I want them all operating separately so Google cant come along and just block them all.

Time will tell if this experiment will work or not. I will post the results as I know more.