Rising from the Ashes

  Pacham, SEO

Well after the fail of Nikcoll.com I decided to take a step back and ponder why it was that google loved zebo.co.uk but hated nikcoll.com. The only conclusion you can draw is that the single source i.e. ebay was the route cause. So in google’s eyes it was offering nothing more than if you went to eBay directly which I guess is fair enough, shame but just need to take it on the chin and move on.

Next comes PACHAM
 have taken the core software developed for zebo and made it universal so not just aimed at the UK market, In fact really its more aligned with a USA audience. I started this project over the Christmas break but really got it live in January. Currently there are no external backlinks coming to it so getting google to index it has been slow. Not that we did any backlink building on zebo but it was reported on a few sites as people where quite interested if such a site could rank. So the only place you can find out at the moment about Pacham is here.

On both sites I have decided to add a contact us form, its not that we are hiding, far from it, its just as we dont really have any customers as such as its only a search engine for products there should not be a need for members of the public to need to speak to us. However its now in place should anyone wish to get in touch.

I have also now included adsense  to these projects, I dont think they will earn much but who knows, google may have something in their huge inventory of adverts that might be of interest to our users.

Well its been now about 6 weeks since the site was finished and traffic is starting to flow, Its not so far had any negative emails from google so I think the fact we are offering products from eBay, Amazon and a few other stores it is going to be ok. Traffic is growing by about 10% week on week but it has a long way to go yet before it hits the heights of zebo.

I will let it settle for a bit more and then start posting up some real numbers and stats but at the moment I am happy to let google get to grips with the millions of products we are listing.