Page Explorer update


Been doing quite a bit of work on page explorer of late, One of the things I was asked for was a shareable graphic to show the results to other  users.

I may change the design a bit in the coming weeks but at least its now working.

Page Explorer came about when I was helping others improve their onsite SEO, often it would involve checking out the source code to look to make sure everything was tagged up correctly or tagged at all. It was just meant for me to be honest to extract out the important elements that are often used to hep rank sites. I decided to put it live to hep others check out their own sites and I have been amazed how often it gets recommended by SEO consultants on forums for quickly checking out things.

I am not saying the tool is perfect but if it keeps getting used I will continue to develop it in my spare time. I dont charge for the service so hopefully if people find it useful then they will click an advert to spur me on to add more features.

If you wish to try it out please visit  Page-Explorer