Following the successful launch of and its continued growth I have recently turned my attention to a site that I created for my daughter a few years ago It was originally written when she had a beauty salon and later it was turned into a ecommerce site where she sold beauty products as well. Since then the saloon was closed and the ecommerce site was just left With my recent interest in SEO and learning how to rank large scale ecommerce sites I decided to convert this site over as well.


Nikcoll website


The new site is now just a week old and to be fair I have a lot of graphical updates to do (its looking a bit dull) but its working and already making sales. This site is very much a cut down version of the Zebo experiment and only focusing on the beauty industry.  So far most of the sales have been for makeup so which I guess is to be expected, however there are a lot of high value ticket items in there and I am sure now its live it will be only a matter of time before the sales values rise.

I wanted to get it live for the christmas period which although this type of site should see a marked increase in sales during this season it should have marked sessional highs throughout the year. For example in the spring I am expecting a lot of tanning products to sell, in the summer a lot of waxing and sun protection

Being just a week old I was not expecting great things but its great to see Google has already found 833 pages, I am hoping over the coming weeks this to drastically rise along with sales.  One of the big differences with this site to Zebo is that I am only using eBay as a data source and as such have been able to break up the massive content into categories. For the user this makes it easier to find the products they are after and give the site a lot more structure and SEO opportunities. I will be able to add a lot of unique text within the categories to help google understand the content better so should in theory at  least produce higher rankings in SERPS.

I will report more in the new year how this side project is going.