Interesting development with regards to the site.

Google have deemed this site as pure spam which I find really intriguing. It would appear that using a single source for your affiliate listings you are seen as not offering any added value to the original content. I must admit I agree but it begs the question why is it Zebo is going from strength to strength yet was taken out so quickly. (Under 4 weeks)

I would assume that as Zebo gathers its listings from over 500 stores and not just eBay then it is being treated as a comparison type site. The Nikcoll site was a much cut down version of Zebo displaying just 1 category of products. The reason I believe it failed was it was offering nothing more than a user going direct to eBay so therefore was just seen as a churn and burn site.

To be fair if it was successful there would have been nothing stopping me releasing 20 sites all focusing on different categories within eBay. Target 5 different English speaking countries that eBay cover and suddenly I would have around 200 sites offering users nothing more than going directly to the original source.

The error message I received can be seen below.


Major spam problems on

January 8, 2017

To: Webmaster of,

Google has detected that your site violates our Webmaster Guidelines. Because this critical issue lowers the quality of search results for users, Google has prevented the offending pages from showing in Google Search results. This manual spam action has been applied to To reinstate your site, you must significantly change the content to conform to our guidelines. Only after making those changes should you submit a reconsideration request in order to have your content included in Google Search results.

Fix this problem now:

1 Update your pages to meet Google Webmaster Guidelines

Make sure that your revised content is original and relevant to your site.

2 Submit a reconsideration request

Remember: We reject reconsideration requests consisting of empty or blank sites. Include any details or documentation about what content you have changed.

Need more help?

Find out more about what it means to have the pure spam manual action applied to your site.
Make sure that you understand the issue by reviewing Google Webmaster Guidelines.
Ask questions in our forum for more help – mention message type [WNC-633901].



Now what to do, I could attempt to get the ban lifted by adding a lot of unique content or add more choice to the users like we have done with zebo. Or just forget it and leave it. Bing however appear at the moment at least are not taking the hard line google are and even since the ban from google it is receiving traffic and surprisingly made a few sales. So I think for now I will leave it alone and see what happens. If Bing decide to take it out as well then it will force the issue to either close it altogether or to spend a lot more time on this project.