Digital Art

Ever since school days I have had an interest in art and painting, with the onset of digital cameras and software such as photoshop it inspired me to blow off the cobwebs and produce some more work combining photography and digital paintings. I had taken early retirement so had spare time on my hands to fine tune some of the techniques required to achieve the results I was after. I was relatively successful and won quite a few awards and reached a point where I was lucky enough to start selling some of the work I was doing just for the love of creating images.  A huge thank you to all the models I worked with during this time, many of my images just would not have been possible without them.

I have been asked a few times for some of my work while I took time out from coding and explored the world of digital art and photography.  A lot of the works here where released as limited editions and I am pleased to say pretty much all of these are now sold out. I have since retired from this work so the images here are just really for the people who collected my work or just want to view other pieces I released. Majority of my work was of the naked female form but hopefully you will find tasteful and artistic.

Pure photography



These 3 images where sold as a set, each image was 24 inch square so once all mounted up in a frame and hung looked quite imposing. 100 sets where produced and mostly sold via art galleries within the UK.


Again a set of 3 and a mixture of photography and digital art

_P5I9609 _P5I9635 _P5I9606

For some strange reason I never sold many of these in the UK but majority where sold in the USA via a london agent. The where exhibited at the NEC which is where most of the american interest came from.


Mixture of digital art and photography 


This was an image I tried to create for a couple of years, The problem was finding a model who could hold this position and be comfortable doing it while naked. I finally found a gymnast who was happy and the image was finally created. It involved a 200 mile car trip to met up with her and was taken in a not perfect studio but at least the picture was in the bag and once back in my own environment the image came together quite quickly.


Pure digital art (portraits)

From time to time I was asked to produce portraits for people. These where painted in photoshop using just the brush and a wacom graphics tablet  I would often stick photographs of the subject all around my monitor as reference and often would work in low light conditions.  Most portraits where really large in image size often exceeding 1 gb in file size. This enabled me to prnt the final images to what ever size the client waned without losing quality in the final print. Often these portraits took around 40 hours to complete.


A portrait of Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 racing driver I did for myself being a fan, Lewis’s father heard about this painting and I got invited to silverstone on practice day to met Lewis and his father. His father had the 1st edition off me so it would be nice to think its hanging somewhere in a hamilton house hold.  This was a short run of just 25 prints, I tried to get Lewis to sign a few for me at the race track but unfortunately he was under contract with a different artist so could not sign any.  I did however had a fantastic day in the pits and Lewis’s garage during Fridays practise prior to the grand prix.

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