Well things have been getting a bit manic of late and also started to get a bit fragmented as I have joined forces with Thomas Harvey to purchase and revamp websites and bring them back to their former glory. Although this is really still a hobby of getting sites to rank well across a variety […]

Well after the fail of Nikcoll.com I decided to take a step back and ponder why it was that google loved zebo.co.uk but hated nikcoll.com. The only conclusion you can draw is that the single source i.e. ebay was the route cause. So in google’s eyes it was offering nothing more than if you went to […]

Interesting development with regards to the nikcoll.com site. Google have deemed this site as pure spam which I find really intriguing. It would appear that using a single source for your affiliate listings you are seen as not offering any added value to the original content. I must admit I agree but it begs the […]

Following the successful launch of zebo.co.uk and its continued growth I have recently turned my attention to a site that I created for my daughter a few years ago nikcoll.com. It was originally written when she had a beauty salon and later it was turned into a ecommerce site where she sold beauty products as well. […]

Well its a month on from the release of Zebo so thought I would give a round up of how its gone. The first thing to remember is that is this is being developed whilst live so a lot has changed since launch a month ago. We was officially accepted into the eBay developers network […]

Zebo - easy shopping

I have just launched a beta version of a new project, Zebo is a bit of a experiment to see if its possible to rank a website with little or no original content. I am taking feeds from many online retailers to see if this is possible. Within 24 hours of launch it was a […]

Been doing quite a bit of work on page explorer of late, One of the things I was asked for was a shareable graphic to show the results to other  users. I may change the design a bit in the coming weeks but at least its now working. Page Explorer came about when I was […]

It appears that google have decided that hitting the backspace is no longer valid for returning to a previous page within chrome. They claim too many people where hitting this button to delete a character but instead leaving the page altogether and losing their work. To replace this functionality in chrome they have introduced ALT […]

The surname name Chedgzoy does have many spellings but all mean the same and come from one original source. Variants include:- CHEDZOY – CHEDZEY – CHIDZOY – CHIDZEY – CHEDSEY – CHEDGEY – CHIDGEY – CHEDGZOY. Plus many others. There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the true meaning of the name. It […]